1. Accounting Services
  2. Advertising Services
  3. Air Services
  4. Airlines
  5. Appliance Stores
  6. Art/Art Galleries/Museums
  7. Attorney/Lawyers
  8. Auto Parts & Accessories
  9. Automobile Insurance
  10. Aviation
  11. Banks
  12. Bed & Bath
  13. Bicycle Shops
  14. Boat/Yachts
  15. Book Stores
  16. Cable/Satellite TV
  17. Cafe/Coffee House
  18. Car Dealerships
  19. Car Rental
  20. Casino/Sport Books
  21. Catering/Banquet Rooms
  22. Cell phones/PDA Stores
  23. Charter Jets/Yachts
  24. Cigar Shops
  25. Cinemas
  26. Classes
  27. Cleaning/Maid Services
  28. Clothing Stores/Boutiques
  29. Computer and Accessories
  30. Concert Tickets
  31. Conference Facilities
  32. Cosmetics/Perfume
  33. Couriers/Parcel Services
  34. Credit Cards
  35. Cruises
  36. Dating Services
  37. Day Spas
  38. Debt Settlement
  39. Dental Services
  40. Department Stores
  41. Dive Shops
  42. Dry Cleaners
  43. DVD/Video Rentals
  44. Electronic Stores
  45. Entertainment
  46. Exotic Vacation Retreats
  47. Fast Food
  48. Financial Services
  49. Flower Shops
  50. Food/ Groceries Stores
  51. Furniture & Interior Design
  52. Game Rooms/ Recreation
  53. Garden Centers/Landscaping
  54. Golf Carts
  55. Golf Courses
  56. Gourmet Wines & Liquors
  57. Ground Transportation
  58. Gyms/Workout Equipment
  59. Hardware Stores
  60. Helicopters
  61. Hobby Shops
  62. Home Products & Services
  63. Hospitals/Clinics
  64. Hotels/Resorts
  65. Houses for Sale
  66. Internet Advertising
  67. Internet Hosting & Web Services
  68. Jewelry Stores
  69. Job Opportunities
  70. Kitchen & Bath
  71. Land/Lots/Property
  72. Landscaping Services
  73. Language Schools
  74. Life Insurance
  75. Lighting Stores
  76. Limousines
  77. Malls/Shopping Centers
  78. Marinas/Docks
  79. Mechanics/Garage
  80. Medical Insurance
  81. Medical Services /Doctors
  82. Mortgage Companies
  83. Motorcycles
  84. Moving/Storage
  85. Music Stores
  86. Naturopathic Medicine/Fitness
  87. Off Road Vehicles
  88. Optical/Vision Care
  89. Outdoor Stores
  90. Paint /Stain Stores
  91. Personal Injury Insurance
  92. Pet Shops
  93. Pharmacy/Drug Stores
  94. Photographers/Photo/Camera Shops
  95. Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery
  96. Pools/Hot Tubs
  97. Printing Services
  98. Property Insurance
  99. Real Estate
  100. Rental Shops
  101. Restaurants
  102. Restoration Services
  103. RV Centers
  104. Security Systems
  105. Shoe Stores
  106. Sleep Apnea Treatments
  107. SportFishing
  108. Sports Equipment
  109. Sports Wear
  110. Sun Glasses
  111. Surf and Skate Shops
  112. T-Shirts & Caps
  113. Theatre/Live Shows
  114. Tire Sales/Service
  115. Tour Operator
  116. Toy Stores
  117. Traffic Tickets
  118. Travel Agency
  119. Travel Insurance/ Travel Medical Insurance
  120. Trucks/Parts & Accessories
  121. Used car Dealerships
  122. Watches
  123. Wedding Planners/Gifts
  124. Zoos/Theme Parks

Danbury, Connecticut

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Danbury, Connecticut, US

Danbury also known as "The Hat City" is located in the northern part of Connecticut in Housatonic Valley Region. Danbury is surrounded by: Pecksville, Pawling, Bigelow Corners and Barnum Corners to the northwest; Brookfield, Birch Groves and New Milford to the north; Roxbury Falls, Roxbury and North Woodbury to the northeast; Hawleyville, Newton and New Haven to the east; Bethel, Trumbull, Milford, Stratford and Bridgeport to the southeast; Norwalk, Ridgefield and Wilton to the south; Ridgebury, Chappaqua and Pleasantville to the southwest; and Brewster, Crafts, Tompkins Corners and West Mahopac to the west. Major roads serving Danbury include: Connecticut State Route 133, Connecticut State Route 25, Connecticut State Route 37, Connecticut State Route 39, Connecticut State Route 53, US Route 202, US Route 6, US Route 7 and Interstate Highway 84.

Danbury Municipal Airport (DXR) is located seven minutes drive from downtown Danbury. Most of the traffic at Danbury Municipal Airport comes from general aviation.

Bradley International Airport (BDL) can be reached by car after a one-hour and twenty minutes drive from Danbury. Bradley International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Connecticut and it is served by a variety of airlines. Some of the airlines serving Bradley International Airport include: Continental Airlines, Continental Connection, Continental Express, Delta Air Lines, Delta Connection, Northwest Airlines, Northwest Airlink, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, United Express, US Airways, US Airways Express, Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz, American Airlines and American Eagle.
La Guardia Airport can be reached after a one-hour drive from Danbury. La Guardia is the smallest of the airports in the New York metropolitan area, but still plays an important roll in keeping the city communicated. Some of the airlines serving the airport inculde: Air Canada, Continental Airlines, JetBlue Airways, AirTran Airways, Frontier Airlines, Midwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Airlines.

Tweed New Haven Regional Airport (HVN) is can be reached after a one-hour from downtown Danbury. Tweed New Haven Regional Airport is a public airport and a significant portion of its trafic comes from general aviation. In addition to general aviation the one comercial airline serving Tweed New Haven Airport is US Airways Express.

Enjoy a delicious meal at a reasonable price at any of Danbury's restaurants and you will remember to go back. Some of Danbury's restaurants include: Abe`s Seafood and Steak House, Angelo`s Pizza, Anthony`s, Antonio`s Restaurant, Bangkok, Barbaries Restaurant, Bei Jing, Bella Italia Ristorante, Bentley`s Restaurant, Boston Market, Café on the Green, Cajun Café Grill, China Buffet King, China King Chinese Take Out, Chuck`s Steak House, Ciao Café, Country Inn Pizza Restaurant, D & J`s Kozy Kitchen, Deep`s Trellis Restaurant, Denny`s, Dolce Vita Restaurant, Domino`s Pizza, Downtown Pizza Restaurant, Dynasty Restaurant, First and Last Café, Fortune Cookie, Friendly`s, Gemma`s Pizza Restaurant, Germantown Pizza House, Goulash Place, Great Wall, Ground Round, Hanna`s, Jeffrey`s Chinese Kitchen, Kabuki, Lake Avenue Coffee Shop, Leo`s Breakfast and Lunch, Luigis Restaurant & Pizza, Luigi`s Restaurant and Pizza, Mac`s Half Way Restaurant, Main Moon Restaurant, Manny`s Diner, Marcel`s Place Restaurant, Marcus Dairy, Mimi`s Restaurant, Mossa`s Roadside Stand, Mr. Liu, Mykono`s Pizza Restaurant, New Englander Diner, Nick`s Pizza and Restaurant, Numero Uno Restaurant and Pizza, Ofaia Restaurant, Old Oak Restaurant and Pizzeria, Old Sorrento Italian Restaurant, Olive Garden, Ondine Restaurant, Original Texas Hot Wieners, Our Place Café, Pancho`s Deli, Panda Garden, Panda West, Park Avenue West, Pearl Garden, Pippa`s Sports Café, Red Lobster, Rocky`s Sports Bar and Grill, Rosy Tomorrows, Royal Guard Fish and Chips, Ruby Tuesday, Sal`s Pizza Restaurant, Sbarro`s, Sesame Seed, Taormina, Three Brothers Diner, TK`s American Café, Tortilla Flat Restaurant, Two Steps, Uno, Widow Browns Café and Windmill Diner Restaurant.

If you are looking for a home-like place to stay while in Danbury, don't forget to consider any of the following hotels: Americas Best Value Inn, Courtyard by Marriott, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn, Quality Inn & Suites, Wellesley Inn & Suites, Ethan Allen Hotel, Maron Hotel & Suites, Residence Inn by Marriott, Springhill Suites by Marriott and Super 8 Motel.

Danbury experiences warm summers with temperatures averaging around seventy degree's Fahrenheit and cold winters with temperatures close to the 20's. The coldest month is January when the average temperature is close to eighteen degrees while the hottest month is July when temperatures can reach eighty-five degrees.

Old Quarry Nature Center is home of three educational nature trails, a collection of Pawloski local rocks and minerals, two limestone quarries (used until 1912), a field, a fireplace, wetlands and stream, a Field house used for programs and much more.

Bear Mountain Reservation in Danbury is an excellent place to connect with nature. Bear Mountain Reservation has open fields, wild flowers, a quiet forest, and a beautiful view of Candlewood Lake. Bear Mountain Reservation is the perfect place for people who enjoy hiking, taking pictures, connecting with nature and relaxing.

Tarrywile Park is home to the historic Victorian mansion place where many weddings and special events take place. Tarrywile Park has many scenic views, open fields, picnic spots, biking trails, streams, ponds, orchads, equestrian trails, many wild flowers and a variety of birds.

Those interested in learning about Danbury's heritage, visit the Danbury Museum and Historical Society. The Danbury Museum features Huntington Hall, John Dodd Hat Shop, Little Red Schoolhouse, Marian Anderson Studio and own the John Rider House.

Danbury Railway Museum has many unrestored and restored railroad equipment, a station house, model train layouts, a gift shop, a library, photographs and paraphernalia.

Around two hundred retailers and restaurants, a double decker carousel, Macy's, Lord and Taylor, JC Penny and Sears can all be found in one of Connecticut's largest malls, Danbury Fair Mall.

Rogers Park in Danbury is home to a collegiate baseball team, the Danbury Westerners. For those who prefer a hockey game, visit the Danbury Ice Arena for an exciting game of hockey played by the Danbury Mad Hatters.

We all know how important conservation is, now more then ever, Reduce, Reuse Recycle programs better known as Green or Greening are the responsibility of all people in all places. These are some of Danbury, Connecticut's programs, in place to help in Environmental Development: Everyone in the state of Connecticut is required to recycle because of Connecticut's Recycling Act (1991). Everyone in Danbury is required to recycle: plastic containers, metal containers and scrap metals, newspapers, corrugated cardboard, motor oil, leaves, grass batteries, white office paper, lead-acid batteries and nickel cadmium batteries. Danbury has a commitment to ensure green spaces are created and preserved. Danbury is concerned with its Urban Environment as well as the Global Environment, From low-flow toilets to conserving gas in our cars and homes, planting trees, shrubs and even a garden to supply some fruits and vegetables helps in taking small step towards Environmental Protection and Conservation, our precious natural recourses hang in the balance. Many cities have issues with the amount of water or the pollution of water, it is each cities responsibility to address these issues and find ways to develop Environmental friendly Energy such as Wind and Solar power, increase Water Energy and create Sustainable Energy for generations to come. Over the last Century we have managed to pollute our world to a point of all most no return. is committed to Environmental Development and will make as many green products and services available as an alternative for people that are concerned for our environment. Many companies are learning Green not only helps the Environment but is also a good business. The Green Economy and Emerging Green Industries if managed properly will have a great impact on the Ecology Environment and in turn assist in preserving our natural recourses. As a commitment to the our Environment and Environmental Projects will create a Simply Green link that will profile companies that provide Green Products and Services this link may be found on every page of website. In addition you may find stories from Individuals, Communities and Businesses that have innovative ways to assist in the greening and conservation of our Environment. will contribute 5% of sales from companies that place ads in the Simply Green section of the website. These donations will go directly to organizations that have proven to make a positive impact on the Environment. All donations will be listed in the Simply Green section of
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